Link Exchange — Limited Slots Only

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Link Exchange — Limited Slots Only

Link Exchange

As a blogger or website owner, nothing can be more rewarding than to let the world know about your site and drive tons of loyal visitors towards it. It can even be more exciting when you find out that your website is ranking well in the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. So one effective way to increase a site’s rankings and exposure is by communicating with other webmasters that talk about similar interests with your website — and then you exchange links.

Link exchange is really easy. It takes less than 10 minutes to accomplish. In a nutshell, here’s what’s going to happen. SwagBucksTricks will give you a link to your site and in return, we will simply ask you to do the same.

So if you are a blogger or a website owner who has a site that talks about SwagBucks or Making Money Online, then we are happy to announce that we may be able to offer a link exchange program with you.

To qualify for this program, check to see if the homepage of your website has a PageRank(PR) of atleast 1 or higher. You may check the PageRank of your site by visiting

If your website has a page Rank of at least 1 and it talks about SwagBucks or topics about making money online, then please follow these two (2) easy steps:

Step 1. Add the following HTML code written below and paste it on the homepage or sidebar of your site. Due to the latest Google algorithmic updates, it would be preferable to only have this placed in the homepage and not on all the other pages of your website:

Step 2. Contact us through our Contact Us Page along with these details:

  • Subject written as “Link Exchange”
  • Your website’s URL and PageRank
  • and lastly, a short description of your site with a maximum of 50 chars. We can write the description for you if you would like us to do so. Just let us know!

We will immediately review your URL within 48 to 72 hours. Once your website has been approved, we will send you a confirmation email. You should then be able to see your website link on our homepage along with a short description that fits the details for your site.

By choosing to participate in this Link Exchange program, you have taken a significant step in improving your website’s online presence and search engine rankings. The better the search engine visibility that your site will get, the more visitors that you will receive from Google and the rest of the search engines.

Contact us today to see if you qualify.

PayPal or NOT to Paypal? That is the Question..

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PayPal or NOT to PayPal?

To a number of people, PayPal has become one of the most popular payment methods when shopping online. In the SwagBucks Store, one can convert 700 of their points for a $5 credit in PayPal, and majority of those who chose this method have claimed satisfaction of their redemption. However, some people argue that using SwagBucks to get PayPal is just too expensive and they believe that redeeming Amazon Gift Cards would instead be a wiser choice. Personally, I think that the latter can save you more SwagBucks for several reasons.

Advocates of those who opt Amazon Gift Cards over PayPal will be able to save an amount of up to 250 SwagBucks per redemption. A $5 Amazon Gift Card costs 450 SwagBucks, while redeeming PayPal credit of the same amount roughly costs around 700. Considering the difference in price, just by ordering PayPal twice, you will be spending approximately 500 SwagBucks more. This would be like throwing away an opportunity for another $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Another advantage of getting Amazon Gift Cards over PayPal is the fact that Gift Cards can be legally sold online. This may be one feature that most PayPal buyers are not aware of. There are certain websites out in the open that allow these kinds of transactions. One of which is the widely known Just by linking your PayPal account with ebay, then selling your Amazon Gift Card in their site, you can convert your $5 Amazon Gift Card into approximately $5 worth in PayPal.

In contrast, others may consider spending the extra 250 SwagBucks for their PayPal credits. It is possible that they prefer to directly obtain it from SwagBucks to avoid having to go through the hassle of selling their cards online.

Overall, I would choose to get more Amazon Gift Cards in the Swag Store, then sell them in Ebay, than to get fewer PayPal credits when redeeming them directly. I think that by going the extra mile of selling these gift cards, one would be able to save a lot more money in the long run.

What is your opinion in this matter? 
► Do you think that by selling your Amazon Gift Cards in Ebay, one could save a ton more of SwagBucks than by ordering PayPal? 
► Or do you feel like the extra 250 bucks is not worth the hassle of listing your items online?

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to write your comments in the space available below.