Is SwagBucks a Scam? A SwagBucks Review

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Is SwagBucks a Scam? A SwagBucks Review

Is SwagBucks a Scam?

I would be scared too if I were you. I mean common — getting free money online from SwagBucks? It’s hard enough to find free stuff in the real world, so the thought of getting some online must surely raise an eyebrow in suspicion. The internet contains a massive pool of information where we can learn a lot of useful data, however, we still need to be cautious as some of it are fictitious and dangerous. But alas, not everything that’s too good to be true is fake. We are proud to say that SwagBucks is indeed not a scam.

There are tons and tons of sites that post rave reviews about SwagBucks, but I think the most authoritative proof that it is not a scam are news sites. Here’s a clip from ABCNews which featured how SwagBucks help users earn cash online:

If SwagBucks is Real, Why do Some People Claim it is Fake?

There’s a saying that we can’t please everyone in life. I think the same principle applies to legitimate online sites. Though complaints and rants vary from person to person, here are our top reasons why some people say that SwagBucks is a scam:

  1. They didn’t know how to use the site
  2. It is very common to find users who simply do not understand how to use the website. I think this is kind of unfair. Just because one thing didn’t work out for them, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to work for others.

  3. They were mislead by other bloggers
  4. It is also possible that new users were mislead by wrong information created by other bloggers whose aim were only to get referrals. It’s sad, but true. Some people are desperate enough to stretch the truth just to get people to signup on their referral link. (Read more from our article to learn of legitimate ways of getting SwagBucks referrals).

  5. They were banned
  6. Well, these are the people who usually went through great lengths to get as many SwagBucks as they possibly can, only to find out in one random morning that they’ve been permanently banned from SwagBucks’ system. Most, if not all, of these swaggernauts were probably given the ban hammer for doing something abusive to the system — over searching, using SwagBucks Hacks, or in any way trying to cheat the system. Though this isn’t always the case, some were just wrongfully accused. If you believe that you are one of those people who were wrongfully accused and you want your account back, Contact SwagBucks and explain your situation in as honest and as respectful as possible.

    A Quick SwagBucks Review and Conclusion

    In a nutshell, SwagBucks is a very legitimate website that helps users earn online by doing things that they already are doing such as: searching, watching movie clips and shopping. In addition to that, Swag Codes also help in boosting one’s total swag points.

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SwagBucks Hack and Generators

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SwagBucks Hack and Generators

Are there SwagBucks Hacks & Generators?

A few years ago when SwagBucks newly came out, there were several programs out on the web that were known to help users generate more SwagBucks. However, with the growing popularity of the site and with more and more engineers working on security, finding a descent SwagBucks hack is now close to impossible.

SwagBucks Auto Searchers

SwagBucks auto searchers are a great way of winning more SwagBucks without having to manually use the website’s search engine. These programs will automatically do a search for you using random words at random intervals. The problem with auto searchers today is that SwagBucks are now able to trace and find users who are using auto searchers. The lack of normal navigation from such auto-searchers is probably the reason why accounts get suspected of using such program. Once caught, your account is banned for life.

Swag TV Auto Watcher Bot

Quite similar to the auto searcher, the auto Swag TV Watcher bot isn’t exactly a SwagBucks hack, but this little program will automatically play the Swag movies for you. This allows users more time to do their own stuff than just to wait around to finish the whole movie clip. The bad thing about this bot is that almost everyone we’ve known that were using the auto watcher swag bots have now been banned.

Any Other SwagBucks Cheats?

There may be other cheats available on the web right now but take caution in downloading such programs. Not only will you increase your risks in acquiring a pesky computer virus, but downloading such cheats will only put your account in peril. In our opinion, it would be best to simply use SwagBucks without having to resort to using search bots, auto watchers and other cheats.

What to Do when Your Account is Banned

Well, can’t say we didn’t warn you, but should your account get banned from the system you could do one of two things:

  1. You could contact SwagBucks and file for a reconsideration request. When filing for a reconsideration, remember to remain calm and be brutally honest about the situation. Lying will take you nowhere. Most people never get their accounts back, but hey, you could be one of the lucky few so it’s worth the try.

  2. Alternately, you could just forget about your old account and start fresh with a new one. Just don’t forget to use new sets of names, emails, and phone numbers though.

In conclusion, we believe that it is best to just stay clear of such SwagBucks hacks, bots and generators. Just stick to the traditional methods of gaining honest SwagBucks points such as: finding swag codes, as well as using the SwagBucks search engine. Like the old saying goes:

“Honesty is the best policy”.

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