How to Get SwagBucks Referrals

Tips for Getting SwagBucks Referrals

Trying to attain a huge mass of referrals is never an easy task. But to those who have persevered and have succeeded in acquiring several SwagBucks sign-ups, they can attest that their efforts have reaped them huge gains in SwagBucks profits.

What are SwagBucks Referrals For?

As an affiliate site, SwagBucks is willing to reward users with extra points whenever you refer people to signup for a new account. Once you get a successful new member to signup, you will earn all of the member’s winnings that they will receive from using the swag search engine. This bonus is for up to 1,000 bucks.

Say for instance you were able to refer 10 people into SwagBucks. And out of these 10 new members, only 2 remains active. This means that you could be getting as much as 2,000 SwagBucks if those two members will continually use the site. But remember, you will only get bonus points if the new member will win SwagBucks while using the search engine. Points from Swag codes, daily polls, Swag TV, and from the Swag Store will not count as a referral bonus.

3 Killer Secrets to Get Referrals

First things first. Find your SwagBucks refferal link ID by going to the SwagBucks referral page.

Take note of your referral link, and use the following strategies:

  1. Create a blog about SwagBucks
  2. Create a blog that can provide valuable information to people. Don’t forget to include banners and links that contain your referral ID.

  3. Respond to SwagBucks queries on Yahoo Answers
  4. Just visit, do a search about SwagBucks, and start responding to questions. In your answers, provide a link towards your personal blog rather than your direct Referral link to avoid getting banned.

  5. Link your social media accounts

  6. to SwagBucks to allow Facebook and Twitter to automatically create posts for you. Once users will click on the links that were published on your social media pages, they will automatically become your referral.

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