PayPal or NOT to PayPal?

To a number of people, PayPal has become one of the most popular payment methods when shopping online. In the SwagBucks Store, one can convert 700 of their points for a $5 credit in PayPal, and majority of those who chose this method have claimed satisfaction of their redemption. However, some people argue that using SwagBucks to get PayPal is just too expensive and they believe that redeeming Amazon Gift Cards would instead be a wiser choice. Personally, I think that the latter can save you more SwagBucks for several reasons.

Advocates of those who opt Amazon Gift Cards over PayPal will be able to save an amount of up to 250 SwagBucks per redemption. A $5 Amazon Gift Card costs 450 SwagBucks, while redeeming PayPal credit of the same amount roughly costs around 700. Considering the difference in price, just by ordering PayPal twice, you will be spending approximately 500 SwagBucks more. This would be like throwing away an opportunity for another $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Another advantage of getting Amazon Gift Cards over PayPal is the fact that Gift Cards can be legally sold online. This may be one feature that most PayPal buyers are not aware of. There are certain websites out in the open that allow these kinds of transactions. One of which is the widely known Just by linking your PayPal account with ebay, then selling your Amazon Gift Card in their site, you can convert your $5 Amazon Gift Card into approximately $5 worth in PayPal.

In contrast, others may consider spending the extra 250 SwagBucks for their PayPal credits. It is possible that they prefer to directly obtain it from SwagBucks to avoid having to go through the hassle of selling their cards online.

Overall, I would choose to get more Amazon Gift Cards in the Swag Store, then sell them in Ebay, than to get fewer PayPal credits when redeeming them directly. I think that by going the extra mile of selling these gift cards, one would be able to save a lot more money in the long run.

What is your opinion in this matter? 
► Do you think that by selling your Amazon Gift Cards in Ebay, one could save a ton more of SwagBucks than by ordering PayPal? 
► Or do you feel like the extra 250 bucks is not worth the hassle of listing your items online?

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to write your comments in the space available below.

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  1. 3-20-2010

    I didn’t realize we could sell Amazon Gift Cards in Ebay. I just checked it out, and I was surprised at the number of cards being sold and bidded over there.

    Thanks for the great tip! Best one I have read so far! Keep it up.

  2. 3-20-2010

    hmm.. I will have to check ebay and see which works out for me.. thanks for the possible opportunity to save.

  3. 3-20-2010

    I prefer going for the PayPal… and not because I’m lazy! When I was shopping Amazon for a digital camera, my plan was to buy Amazon GC’s until I had enough saved. The minue I bought the GC, the camera’s price went up! I signed out and the price went back down. They knew I had a GC and jacked up the price accordingly. Pretty shoddy business and makes an Amazon GC kinda pointless.

  4. 3-20-2010

    I prefer Paypal over Amazon, reason being is because if you were to sell your Amazon giftcards on Ebay, you have to realize that Ebay does have seller fees, which recently increased, and on top of that I highly doubt anyone would purchase a $5 or $10 Amazon GC for the price that they are worth, you would have to list them at lower costs anyway. So to me, I believe it’s way more worth it to just go ahead and go with Paypal (and this is coming from someone who has sold many giftcards in the past and is a seller on Ebay). However, those days that I would like to purchase something on Amazon,com, then of course I would go for an Amazon GC. Just my opinion.

  5. 3-20-2010

    I always wanted to take a Paypal instead of amazon but 1st the SB are way to high got, and then not sure if paypal is taking a fee for that…
    then even if i want to sell it on ebay, i’m sure that people would not buy it full price so i will loose on this not really worth it….:)
    Thank you for the explanation…:)

  6. 3-20-2010

    I think PayPal is a good way of getting money.. but seriously.. it cost WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY (46546415646x) much.. -.- I rather just get what i want from amazon.. save about 250 swagbucks and get my prize ALOT faster.. so i say PayPal SUCKS on swagbucks. Everywhere else its really cheap to cash out (not going to mention websites names)

  7. 3-20-2010

    I agree with you, Tricky. Since they said they are going to have PayPal on sale for even less than 700 Swagbucks next week, I’m eager to see if it will be as low or lower than 450 Swagbucks.

  8. 3-25-2010

    i agree paypal is a little hi but as i see it amazon is only amazon and paypal is anywhere mastercard is accepted so i would chose paypal over amazon 1st then amazon when i wanted something i can buy there

  9. 4-13-2010

    I HATE paypal especially since eBay bought them out. Both ebay and paypal fees are so high many sellers, like me, have had to stop selling because all the money was going to fees. I would take 1 amazon card over 2 paypal cards just for the principle!


  10. 4-14-2010

    I love the Amazon GC’s. If I get Paypal, I just end up using it to pay fees on a program or buy coupons off eBay or another site – in other words, use it for everyday/money saving/household type things. But with Amazon GC’s I can save them up and actually use them to buy something I just want, without having to feel guilty (my doing, not my husbands). I do not miss the money I did not put in Paypal and I do enjoy the benfits of the Amazon GC’s :)

  11. 4-23-2010

    Can I redeem my swagbucks to purchase gift cards to give as teachers gifts or are they only virtual (digital) codes?

  12. 4-25-2010

    - Great question!

    Majority of the gift cards in the Prizes section of SwagBucks are generally virtual giftcards. There are however “physical” giftcards available such as the StarBucks and iTunes gift card.

    When purchasing gift cards, make sure you read it’s entire description as it would indicate if it will be virtually sent, or by snailmail. =)

    Hope that answers your questions Sara.. Thanks for dropping by.

  13. 5-1-2010

    problem with selling on ebay is all the fees ebay and paypal charges. They both take combined about 20% of what you make!

  14. 11-1-2010

    i live in canada, and only is available to me, so i just get paypal GCs, cause the website doesn’t have anything but books really..

  15. 11-1-2010

    I prefer paypal. I use paypal as much as possible doing my online paying surveys.

  16. 11-1-2010

    I would have to say that it sounds like Paypal quite high. I am fairly new to Swagbucks, but I am sure alot would agree that our TIME is worth quite a bit.

  17. 11-1-2010

    I think the paypal option is too high. I always get Amazon cards, then just save all of them until I get a good amount for Christmas shopping at the end of the year!

  18. 11-1-2010

    yes i would spend swagbucks for a paypal card because it is money and americans like money

  19. 11-1-2010

    I won’t buy Paypal gift-cards as long as they cost significantly more than Amazon gift-cards! I have sold things on Amazon in the past, but have rarely bought from them. However, I have recently found that they have some pretty awesome deals. Therefore, I prefer the Amazon gift-cards, which are the one of the most economical ways to spend your swagbucks right now. In fact, my wish list is much bigger than my gift-card balance at the moment. But little by little I will win the SB to purchase the things we are wishing for!

  20. 1-30-2013

    I would rather just use Amazon cards to get stuff I want/need on there.

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