SwagBucks Hack and Generators

Are there SwagBucks Hacks & Generators?

A few years ago when SwagBucks newly came out, there were several programs out on the web that were known to help users generate more SwagBucks. However, with the growing popularity of the site and with more and more engineers working on security, finding a descent SwagBucks hack is now close to impossible.

SwagBucks Auto Searchers

SwagBucks auto searchers are a great way of winning more SwagBucks without having to manually use the website’s search engine. These programs will automatically do a search for you using random words at random intervals. The problem with auto searchers today is that SwagBucks are now able to trace and find users who are using auto searchers. The lack of normal navigation from such auto-searchers is probably the reason why accounts get suspected of using such program. Once caught, your account is banned for life.

Swag TV Auto Watcher Bot

Quite similar to the auto searcher, the auto Swag TV Watcher bot isn’t exactly a SwagBucks hack, but this little program will automatically play the Swag movies for you. This allows users more time to do their own stuff than just to wait around to finish the whole movie clip. The bad thing about this bot is that almost everyone we’ve known that were using the auto watcher swag bots have now been banned.

Any Other SwagBucks Cheats?

There may be other cheats available on the web right now but take caution in downloading such programs. Not only will you increase your risks in acquiring a pesky computer virus, but downloading such cheats will only put your account in peril. In our opinion, it would be best to simply use SwagBucks without having to resort to using search bots, auto watchers and other cheats.

What to Do when Your Account is Banned

Well, can’t say we didn’t warn you, but should your account get banned from the system you could do one of two things:

  1. You could contact SwagBucks and file for a reconsideration request. When filing for a reconsideration, remember to remain calm and be brutally honest about the situation. Lying will take you nowhere. Most people never get their accounts back, but hey, you could be one of the lucky few so it’s worth the try.

  2. Alternately, you could just forget about your old account and start fresh with a new one. Just don’t forget to use new sets of names, emails, and phone numbers though.

In conclusion, we believe that it is best to just stay clear of such SwagBucks hacks, bots and generators. Just stick to the traditional methods of gaining honest SwagBucks points such as: finding swag codes, as well as using the SwagBucks search engine. Like the old saying goes:

“Honesty is the best policy”.

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  1. 3-18-2013

    I have no desire to cheat or hack SB.

    However, it has gotten to the point that I rarely get SB for searches (maybe once in 40 searches, on average).

    I am a researcher, a historian, an teacher, a student, etc. I am literally searching all day and night. At first I got more SB for searching, but now it seems I rarely get more than 10-20 SB per week. It is getting to the point that it is just not worth the effort!!!

    To make matters even WORSE, often when I search, it pops up that code you have to type in, and it hardly gives me enough time to fill it in to get the SB.
    -in the first place, I am a doing research/study. I do not just sit on the SB page and search randomly. So, I am studying/reading material, then rt. click to search some necessary clue, finishing the sentence, paragraph, etc. before I actually go to the SB page. Sadly, much of the time that I would have gotten a FEW SB, it is declined because I did not put the code in immediately! Rotten!!!

    -also, this is a problem because I have crummy Internet that often cuts off, and an old, junky computer that often freezes up, so too often even when I SEE the need to put the code in, I am not always able to get it in before SB INvalidates my code. :(

    I appreciate your alerts that I should check for a code, but if I am not in my email program, I miss them most of the time.

    Like I said, it’s become hardly worth the trouble!

  2. 7-24-2013

    I do the bulk of my swagging on a Samsung tablet and occasionally on my phone or work/personal PC. My tablet sets next to me at the office all day and all activities are initiated with my own fingertips! Back last fall, I contacted Swagbucks on the status of two gift cards that had been ordered almost a month before… they never take that long to fulfill… My order status read “Under Review.” The response back from Swagbucks was… “Your account has been flagged for SBTV and Search irregularities. To keep your account in good standing, please refrain from using any unauthorized viewing or searching methods. Any pending prizes are now approved and your account is now clear to redeem prizes again, but your account will be monitored to make sure it is in compliance with our Terms of Service.” I was floored. If I am cheating, I suppose using a site like this to help find codes would be it… Not only have I never cheated on my SBTV or searches, but I wouldn’t even know how or where to go to learn how to!! So I defended myself with the truth and received a similar response… basically saying to me that they did not believe me. They released my gift cards, but I have to fill in a Captcha for just about EVERYTHING I do. Seems to me if they are going to accuse someone of something they did not do that they have some sort of flaw in their system. Kind of soured me on SBs, soI stopped swagging for a few months, but I missed those gift cards, so I am back… did not have all those Captchas for the first few weeks, but they are back, which tells me they still think I am cheating in some way. I only redeem five $5 Amazon cards a month… seems if I was seriously cheating, that I would be trying to get more than $25 a month from them!!

  3. 9-10-2013

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