To check for Swag Codes, click the fourth button labelled as “Swag Codes”.


After clicking the fourth button named “Swag Codes”, the SwagBucks Swidget would either give out a code directly or it would give clues on how to find the code.

Once you find it, quickly copy it as it is (don’t forget it is case sensitive) and enter it in your Swag Safe to gain more SwagBucks!

You can visit this page to learn more about SwagBucks Codes.

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  1. 11-6-2011


  2. 12-5-2011

    Works fine for me, must be your java or flash.

  3. 12-29-2011

    If any one dont see the code may be the issue of flash or try once again refreshing the page

  4. 12-29-2011

    Are you trying to see it on your phone? I wasn’t able to see it on my phone. Had to get on my Kindle

  5. 2-27-2012

    thank you. It worked for me finally.

  6. 2-27-2012

    Thanks a mil. I finally got one

  7. 5-30-2012

    Thanks….i had never ever a problem with any code….y people will face some issues….if the selected code doesnt work please try with a new code…If swidget is not working …it may be the issue of flash…if not refesh the page few times

  8. 7-26-2012

    Thank you, got it.

  9. 8-14-2012

    They really need to make the widget compatible with other browsers.
    IE ain’t all that…

  10. 1-22-2013

    If you are a Chrome user, try installing the “IE TAB” plugin (type “internet explorer plugin for chrome” in google to find it). I always used to get frustrated by the swidget, too, but I just installed that plugin and it works fine (open a IE tab within Chrome, then copy paste the address and voila, your swidget is working!) :)

  11. 2-6-2013

    will someone post the code???? on this site???

  12. 4-3-2013

    Can I get a code? ….. Can’t get swidget to pop up

  13. 4-3-2013

    iPhone , iPad,& kindle ….. No luck with any of them

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