What are SwagBucks Codes?

What are SwagBucks Codes?

SwagBucks Codes are promotional codes that will convert into extra SwagBucks when entered correctly into your account. These codes are mysterious little things, so it makes sense that people will often run into trouble trying to find them. To help you better understand how to find these tricky little codes, go ahead and read the pieces of information below. If you are looking for today’s SwagBucks Codes, you can skip right ahead to this page to find the latest Free Swag Codes.

Where Can You Find SwagBucks Codes?

SwagBucks Codes can be found randomly throughout the SwagBucks website and its social media accounts. They may be found in the Swag Blog, the Facebook Fan Page, the Twitter Account, or in the Swag Store. Finding a code is much like joining a treasure hunt. But in contrast to treasure hunts, SwagBucks Codes are easier to find because there are clues provided to help users find them. However, you need to take note that these SwagBucks Codes can only be used for a limited period of time. There is no need to worry as expiration dates of these codes are often indicated.

What Do SwagBucks Codes Look Like?

Some codes will be mentioned exactly as it is announced. These obvious codes may state something like: Enter “HappyFathersDay” to receive 15 free SwagBucks. Or in another easy-to-spot method, they may announce it as: Today’s SwagBucks Code is “EnjoyYourDay999”.

Although the sample codes above are enclosed within quotation marks or through a combination of words, some codes may just be made up of random sets of letters and numbers. They may appear as: Put in JkjduUee382 to get 10 free SwagBucks. A text of gobbled up words is usually a great indication that you have found a code.

What to Do After Finding a Code?

Once you find a code, you can enter it to your account by visiting the SwagBucks homepage. In the mid-upper right portion of the page, find the “Gimme Box” and input your code. Here are some guidelines in entering a code:

1. SwagBucks Codes are case sensitive. Capitalized letters should be written in caps, while small letters should be written in lower cases. If the code for the day is BeauTifulDay, then you have to enter it as BeauTifulDay in your Gimme Boxes. Please take note to enter the code as you see it.

2. Omit spaces when entering a code. A common mistake is that most people would paste a code into their Gimme boxes from where they found it. However, most often than not, they often fail to notice that they copied a space before or after that certain code. SwagBucks codes will never have spaces, and they need to be entered correctly into the Gimme Box.

3. SwagBucks Codes do not have “quotations” or special characters. If you spot a code that would be written as “JoinTheFun”, remove the quotations and simply enter the code as JoinTheFun.

Is There a Certain Time that Codes Are Released?

There isn’t a definite time when SwagBucks Codes are given. But for the past 2 years, we noticed that most codes are released between 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern time and 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern time. It is quite rare to find codes outside of those times. So to ensure sure that you never miss a swag code, be sure to Like, Follow, or Subscribe to our social media accounts to receive alerts whenever codes are released. Feel free to choose one or all of these methods to receive alerts:

1. The SwagBucks Tricks Facebook Fan Page
2. The SwagBucks Tricks Twitter Account
3. The SwagBucks Tricks Email Alerts

So now that you have the basic knowledge on what SwagBucks Codes are and how to find them, feel free to drop a comment below or contribute your own suggestions on how to find these fiddly little codes.

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