What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

Instant Cash Sweepstakes or ICS is another great way of earning additional cash online. These guys are in the internet market research business, so the site will simply ask you 3 easy questions, collect your responses, and in return you get a few dollars for it. All within a matter of seconds! So if you already are using SwagBucks, Instant Cash Sweepstakes can be a great addition to your online earning potentials.




* You can check out the Instant Cash Sweepstakes site to get started.




How to Use Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Using this site is easy. You just sign-up and start answering questions. ICS will provide several number of questions for you to answer, all of which takes less than 4 minutes to accomplish. After you finish answering the 3 easy survey questions, you will receive your reward in the form of PayPal cash, coins and raffle tickets. Whenever you are feeling lucky, you can use your coins and tickets to enter the hourly and daily raffles.

Here is an example on how easy their questions are:

Instant Cash Sweepstakes Sample

Screenshot of a sample question




How Much Do I Need to Cash Out?

Compared to other websites, you only need as little as $2.00 to cash out at Instant Cash Sweepstakes. Payment is available via Paypal and it only takes less than 72 hours to process..




What are Other Ways to Earn More on Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

Other than responding to their extremely easy-to-answer questions, you can try any of these methods to maximize your earnings:

    • Participating on their Daily Raffle

- By participating on their raffle, you can either win $2 every 4 hours, or be one of the lucky winners to win $50 in PayPal cash every day.


    • Acquiring referrals

- By getting people to signup for ICS using your referral link, you will win the exact same amount that your referrals get – raffles included. So if a referral of yours would win $1.00 from a survey, you will $1.00 yourself! You can read this article to learn how to get referrals.


    • Using the site at least every 3 hours

- It would help if you check the site at least every four (4) hours to see if there are any new surveys available for you to answer.


* Visit the the Instant Cash Sweepstakes website to start earning today.




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  1. 7-12-2011

    Hi Yahong.. Yes I used to get over $2 a week without referrals. Now I’m getting well over $15 per week, and its continually growing.

    • 7-12-2011

      I clicked on your link the other day and I am hooked. I set my timer for every 3 hrs and I go in and answer my 3 questions. So thanks for the link and enjoy the rewards.

      • 7-12-2011

        Pretty addicting eh? Thanks for signing up MsKatie.

        • 5-1-2013

          lol i noticed u have like over 100 referals since ur constantly making money a bit unfair but eh doesnt do any harm to me

  2. 7-26-2011

    I love ICS too. One of my referrals won the $2.00 sweepstakes so I also won. Just remember you need to log in every 30 days or they will delete your account.

  3. 7-28-2011

    Hi I’m new! This is really cool.

    My question is:

    I know you can turn coins into ticket. Can you turn tickets into coins, or tickets and coins into cash?

  4. 8-12-2011

    Aww Man !

    It’s only valid for US residents !
    They should have it for Canadians too !

    • 8-26-2011

      try the payviewpoint

  5. 8-16-2011

    Thanks for the tip, I signed up with your referral link. Hopefully I’ll start earning soon! :-)

  6. 8-17-2011

    i’m aslo hooked

  7. 9-9-2011

    Thanks for explaining this in detail. I trust a real person over an unknown site. Good reviews that I could see. Thanks for letting us know. (Hope you enjoy another referral :-)

  8. 9-26-2011

    I got this error message when I tried to register…
    Oooops! Error #404
    Sorry, we couldn’t find the page you’ve requested.
    I’t has been stolen, removed, discarded, evolved to something new or never existed in the first place:)

  9. 9-30-2011

    Hi, how do I earn for referrals? and what are rules?

  10. 10-12-2011

    Why is it only for us. Can we also have it in uganda.

    • 1-5-2013

      Why don’t you Just Use hotspotshield as i do it shows that your ip is in usa California indeed,

  11. 10-18-2011

    i’m stucked in TS 7 so how about ur TS rank

  12. 11-10-2011

    It’s great if you live in the USA.. but here in Canada it doesn’t work..

  13. 4-9-2012

    so its easy money

  14. 5-3-2012

    Has anyone tried Swagbucks? You’ll earn a lot more money there. Go to http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/emeraldsage85 to sign up.

  15. 5-10-2012

    Hey guys would be really nice if you sign up through my refer link:



  16. 5-25-2012

    hey what other sites besides swag bucks do u know of?

  17. 11-25-2012

    Hi, I’ve been with ICS for a while. It’s easy and fun. I actually won $104.00! That was a nice surprise. :) Would it be acceptable to add my referral link here?
    Happy surveying ;)


  18. 10-27-2013

    im not to sure if im doing this right…. but would LOVE to start earning……

    • 4-14-2014


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